Work Work Work

Sorry, but if you are not a Cub, I am afraid that Cuboree is a working holiday! But that doesn't mean you can't have some fun too…

We have plans for a range of entertainment and activities for our JSLs and Leaders that you can see on other pages in this section.

But what work will you be expected to do at Cuboree?

Cuboree starts from the moment you register. You should receive confirmation of your role at the event within a few weeks of registering. You will usually hear from a Team Leader about the types of activities the team will be doing on site. We encourage everyone to get involved in the planning and preparation so you know exactly what is going on at the event when you get there. And there is nothing stopping you getting involved with more than one team in the lead up to the event - maybe you are a Line Leader or working in the Q-Store, but want to give your local Ecosystem Base team some support in building activities?

Line Leader
A Line Leader is any adult that is assigned to camp with a Cub Unit. Your primary duties are looking after the 36 Cubs in your care with 8 other adults.

Units can decide how they would like to organise their Patrols, but many activities on site are designed for six Cubs to participate as a team, so a traditional Patrol would include a mix of abilities, ages and interests and would be led by a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader. However, Units are encouraged to be flexible in their Patrol organisation to allow for some special interest Patrols to be created for specific evening activities.

Supported by 9 adult Line Leaders:

The Unit Co-ordinator is the Team Leader of the Cuboree Unit. They must hold a Certificate of Adult Leadership, preferably in the Cub Scout Section and must have attended a Cuboree before as a Line Leader.

Five Unit Leaders who hold a Certificate of Adult Leadership and support the Unit Co-ordinator. Units can decide exactly what role each of these Unit Leaders performs for the Unit, but Units may wish to consider:

Health and Welfare Leader(s) who ensure the Pack is set up and run to keep all of the members healthy and happy
Activity Leader(s) who understand the program of activities and entertainment that is on offer, prepare the Unit to participate fully and provide additional program resources for use on journeys and during Unit time
Camping Leader(s) who ensure the equipment, camping standards and kitchen are maintained at a high standard
Three Unit Helpers who need to hold an A2 Helper Appointment as a minimum. Units can decide exactly what role each of these Unit Helpers performs for the Unit, but Units may wish to consider:

Catering Helper(s) who prepare and serve meals, maintain the kitchen and stores
Activity Helper(s) who attend the activities with their Cub Unit to assist those organising the program
It is important that all adults attending have variety, interest and a well-paced workload. All adults involved in a Cuboree Unit must work together ahead of the event to plan and attend a pre-Cuboree camp. Involving all adults with aspects of the planning and preparation will ensure everyone feels involved and has a sense of ownership.

Unit Leaders and Unit Helpers may be involved in other aspects of planning Cuboree outside of the Unit but their full time focus on site is to their Cuboree Unit only.

Cub Scouts who require a full time carer must indicate this on their application. Such an adult carer will not be counted in the 6 + 3 adult allocation above but must meet the eligibility criteria and register in the same way as every other adult.

Service Leader or Junior Service Leader
Scouts and Venturer Scouts attending Cuboree are called Junior Service Leaders (JSLs).
All other adults attending Cuboree are called Service Leaders (SLs).
All of these participants will be assigned to a Team in a Directorate for their main work assignment. This means that, during the main working hours of that team, you will be carrying out duties required of that team. Each team is different in what it needs - and even within the team, you may have different hours and expectations from other team members. This will be explained to you by your Team Leader.

You could be assigned to any of the following:

Program Team - Ecosystem
You will be planning and delivering our core program of activities. Maybe you will be helping get Cubs ready for the climbing wall, or supervising a water fight, or maybe a life guard at the water slide? Perhaps you will supervise a quiet activity, painting or a treasurer hunt. There are heaps of jobs on an Ecosystem and this is where the big smiles happen! Your team leader will make sure you are trained and get some variety. The Ecosystems run for 6 out of the 7 activity times, so you will have a morning or afternoon off.

Program Team - not Ecosystem
The Program Team also includes our Explore the World activities - some Patrol activities running in the evenings around Special Interest areas. There is also the stage/production team for the ceremonies and evening entertainment. Program also delivers some functions - so maybe you will be a waiter or door greeter?

Infrastructure Team
The Infrastructure Team look after our Sub Camps, sites and services. Team members do everything from providing first aid and welfare services to the Cubs and adults on a Sub Camp to cleaning the toilet blocks, moving 100 tonnes of sand around, testing the quality of the water, contracting our temporary buildings and organising our garbage collection. They work hard and they play hard. This is home to our plumbers, sparkies and site workers.

Logistics Team
The Logistics Team run our Food Services including two large Q-Stores to distribute the food, a special diets team and a catering team. They also look after transport (coaches, independent travel and fleet), security and run our retails services on site and online. So maybe you will serve in the shop, or drive one of our off-site cars or help keep the front gate secure, checking participants in and out.

Support, Admin and Finance Team
SAF are responsible for marketing, communications, financial services, administration, registration and the Support Services (Fire, Health and Medical, Emergency Planning, Welfare, Child Protection). This is a massive team of people generally with a particular specialism. This team have people in offices managing paperwork, first aiders and fire fighters, website managers, digital and video content creators and bean counters!

We will provide more details of these teams as time gets on.

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