Who Is Running Cuboree 2020

NSW Cuboree 2020 is an event run under the rules and policies of Scouts Australia, NSW Branch.

As a Major Event, Cuboree 2020 establishes a Steering Committee which guide, advise and oversea an Organising Team. The Steering Committee includes representatives of the NSW State Board of Directors, the Chief Commissioner, the State Finance Committee, the Region Commissioners, the State Office team and the State Cub Council.

The State Cub Council are the custodians of the program offered at the event.

The organising team are drawn from volunteer registered adult Leaders in Scouting. The Chief Director acts as the Project Manager for the event and supports a team of five Directors who in turn support larger functional teams managing the entire event.

NSW Cuboree 2020 Directors
Chief Director: David Spear
Program Director: Tracey Stopps
Support, Admin and Finance Director: Leigh Williamson
Logistics Director: Colin Turner
Infrastructure Director: Matthew Bordley
Governance Director / Project Executive: Wendy Warner

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