Who Decides What I Do

The allocation of adults to jobs at Cuboree is agreed between the Adult and their local Region Liaison Leader.

Some adults are invited by a member of the Cuboree Organising Team to assist in their team - this means you know what you are doing before you even apply.

Others will assume they will be a Line Leader - camping with the Cubs - but this is not always possible. There are limited spaces for Leaders and Other Adults in the lines. The RLL for your Region will select Cuboree Unit Co-ordinators and work with them to agree the best make up of their team. This could be based on a number of factors:
- Experience in a Line Leadership position before at Cuboree or Jamboree
- Expertise in camping with Cubs
- Relationship with Cubs in the Pack from a Home Group
- Balance of leader team skill sets

It is important that the best team for the job fill the positions.

If you have not pre-selected a job and you are not assigned to camp with the Cubs, you will be allocated to the Service Leader roles required for the site.

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