Where Will I Be Staying

Cuboree is a camping experience. Therefore you will be staying in a tent.

If you are a Cub you will have a tent provided to you by your home Group or another local Group that you are camping with. It will be a tent shared with other boys if you are a boy or other girls if you are a girl. You can’t share with any adults - especially not your parents if they are coming - how uncool would that be?!

If you are a Scout or Ventuer, you will need a tent - you may have a tent supplied by your home Group or you may want to bring your own. Either way, step up and organise it yourself!

If you are a Line Leader, then you will also need a tent. You can share with other leaders, but must never be on your own in a youth tent.

Caravans, trailers or similar non-tents are not permitted on the lines. They are too big, too dangerous, and just not the example we want to set. So don’t ask. Thanks!

If you are a service leader, you will also need to find your own tent. There’s plenty of room, so make it big and comfortable. You will be on a separate campsite, so don’t worry about kids and noise! If you are planning to bring a caravan, then make sure you let us know. We have to advise the local council as part of our planning permission. No water or electricity will be available for connection and we do not have facilities to empty sullage tanks on site. Generators running to power anything are not going to be enjoyed by your neighbours, so expect them to be rudely shut off!

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