When Can I Leave

All participants will leave site on THURSDAY 9th JANUARY by lunch time. Departure times will be scheduled in October to ensure the most economical use of vehicles.

The closing ceremony is at 7pm on Wednesday 8th January.

All Cubs are required to travel on the organised and approved Cuboree coaches.

International and Inter-State visitors will be contacted to discuss suitable travel arrangements.

Leaving early
If you are unavoidably unable to leave on Thursday 9th January, we can arrange an early departure for you. You need to contact ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|ofni#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|ofni to outline your requirements so we can provide you with details on how and when to leave. There will be no discount provided from the full fee.

Leaving late
Unless you are part of the Cuboree organising team, you cannot remain on site after the assigned time for your Cub Unit.
If you are an adult that is supporting the break down of the Cub Unit site after the Cubs leave, details of your access to the site will be available from your Cuboree Unit Leader in July.
If you are part of the Cuboree organising team, please refer to your Team Leader for instructions of when your team will have access to site.

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