When Can I Arrive

Members of the Cuboree organising team should refer to the detailed bump in guide available on SharePoint for details of pre and post event access to the site. This guide is for participants.

The NSW Cuboree 2020 runs from Sunday 5th January 2019 to Thursday 9th January 2019.

Participants from Sydney North, Greater Western Sydney, South Metropolitan, Hume and South Coast and Tablelands Regions will be arriving in the morning of SUNDAY 5th JANUARY. Your coach departure from home will be scheduled in October but will have you arriving onsite before lunch.

Participants from country Regions – The Golden West, Riverina, North West, North Coast and Hunter & Coastal Regions – will be arriving after 6pm on SATURDAY 4th JANUARY to ensure travel is during daylight hours and everyone is on site to start activities on Sunday afternoon.

The opening ceremony starts at 7pm on Sunday 5th January. (Activities will run before that time).

Arriving early
Unless you are part of the Cuboree organising team, you cannot arrive before the assigned time for your Cub Unit.
If you are an adult that is supporting the set up of the Cub Unit site before the Cubs arrive, details of your access to the site will be available from your Cuboree Unit Leader in July.
If you are part of the Cuboree organising team, please refer to your Team Leader for instructions of when your team will have access to site.

Arriving late
If you are unavoidably unable to arrive in time for the start of Cuboree, we can arrange a late entry for you. You need to contact ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|ofni#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|ofni to outline your requirements so we can provide you with details on how and when to arrive. There will be no discount provided from the full fee.

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