What Will We Be Fed

Food is provided for all participants from a central supply managed by the Logistics Food Supply Team.

The menu is designed to be nutritious and provide adequate calories for all participants, recognising that the event is an active time for everyone when they will need more energy and that the weather can be variable at this time of year.

Date Breakfast Morning Tea Lunch Afternon Tea Dinner Supper
January 5th Cereal, Juice, Bread Snacks for early Meat & Salad Fruit & Butter Chicken, Mash Milo &
Spaghetti, Hash Brown arrivals Sandwiches Snack Bar Potato & Vegetables Biscuits
Chocolate Cake
& Custard
January 6th Cereal, Juice, Bread Fruit & Cake Meat & Salad Fruit, Cheese Hamburgers & Milo &
Spaghetti, Hash Brown Wraps & Crackers Trimmings Biscuits
Apple Danish &
Ice Cream
January 7th Cereal, Juice, Bread Fruit & Cake Meat & Salad Fruit & Chips Pork Steaks, Crispy Milo &
Bacon & Eggs, Hash Brown Sandwiches Potatoes & Vegetables Biscuits
Yoghurt Pancakes & Syrup
January 8th Cereal, Juice, Bread Fruit & Cake Meat & Salad Fruit & Spaghetti Bolognaise Milo &
Sausages & Baked Beans Wraps Snack Bar Tinned fruit & Biscuits
Ice Cream
January 9th Snacks for late
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