What Should I Take

All gear should be in a large strong bag and every item clearly marked with Cubs name and Pack number.
Cubs will be getting dirty, wet and muddy, so old clothes are advisable - if you plan to get none of the items back, you are close to packing well!
It will be hot and cold, wet and dry.

Note: No electronic games, radios, mobile phones, lollies or food of any sorts!

 Cub Scout Uniform shirt and scarf (you will not need pants or formal shoes)
 4 x Long Pants/Shorts
 4 x Polo shirts with collars for sun protection
 1 x Long sleeve shirt for the evening
 4 x Warm Jumper/Top
 6 x Pair of Socks
 4 x Underclothes
 2 x Pyjamas - in case one gets wet
 1 x Swimsuit (sun-smart with rash vest & board-shorts)
 2 x Shoes/Runners/Gum Boots
 1 x Raincoat/Warm waterproof jacket
 1 x Sun hat (a bucket hat is provided by Cuboree)
 1 x Beanie
 1 x Thongs – for showers

 2 x Towels (Medium Size)
 1 x Bar of Soap (bar soap is less likely to spill in a bag)
 1 x Toothbrush and Toothpaste
 1 x Brush or Comb
 4 x Handkerchief or Travel Pack Size Tissues
 1 x Sunscreen
 1 x Insect Repellent
 1 x Waterproof bag for above
Other items you require to stay gorgeous

 1 x Good quality warm sleeping bag with Inner sheet or Liner*
 1 x Warm blanket - it may get cold at night
 1 x Pillow
 1 x Air bed, sleeping mat or Camp Stretcher (speak to your Unit Coordinator about the appropriate size and type)
 1 x Teddy/Soft Toy - this is mandatory

 1 x Plate (Dinner Size)
 1 x Bowl
 1 x Mug with handle
 1 x Knife, Fork, Spoon
 2 x Tea Towels

 Torch with Extra batteries
 Garbage bag for dirty clothes
 Small back pack for day use
 Water Bottle
 Medication (if required - discuss with your Unit Coordinator regarding how this will be handled)

NOTES If your Cub Scout is prone to bed wetting, please supply an extra sleeping bag, extra pyjamas and 4 Pull Ups.

You may pack other items, BUT REMEMBER, your Cub Scout will need to move them.

Are you a Unit Coordinator wondering what equipment you should bring as a Unit? Check out the recommended Unit Equipment List.

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