What Is Cataract Scout Park Like

Please visit the park's website for full details: https://www.cataract.nsw.scouts.com.au/.

Cataract Scout Park is a bushland setting with large open camping grounds connected by sealed private roadways. The site has a fenced perimeter and secured gate access. There are a number of permanent buildings on the site, mostly built for the World Jamboree in 1988, including toilet/shower blocks and kitchen shelters.

Cuboree uses five of the ten available camp grounds as Sub Camps for the Cub Units. A further three of the sites are used for activities.

We try to condense the Cuboree activities to the bottom half of the Park - but this is still an area of about one square kilometre. As we limit vehicles on site, everyone is expected to walk. The site is sloped, so a walk from the furthest corners of activities to the opposite corner could be up to 20 minutes for an average walker.

The site offer some tree-shaded areas, but most of the camp grounds are sparsely covered.

The camping ground at Cataract can vary from over-soft, sandy and grass areas to hard rock. Most of the ground is bare and hard.

Permanent fresh water and sewerage lines cross the camp grounds meaning all Cuboree Units can adjoin a water tap and sullage pit. However, the pipes are often close to the surface and regularly come into conflict with pegs and stakes driven into the ground.

Although power runs across the site, there is no power connection to Cuboree Unit sites… you are supposed to be camping, guys.

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