What If I Am Sick

Oh please don't be! You will miss all the fun!

Sickness before the event
If you are sick in the few days before the event, consider if it appropriate for you to attend an environment where 5,000 people live closely together in a quite unsterile environment. Germs and viruses spread very quickly at major events and can create an epidemic of huge proportions. It has happened. If you are not sure what is causing your upset stomach, vomiting, rash or sore throat, etc., then please do the right thing and stay at home. You should contact your Team Leader or Unit Leader immediately to let them know. If you receive clearance from a doctor, you will be able to attend later.

Sickness after the event
If is common to feel a bit off colour after such an event - the excitement, the physical and mental exhaustion, the change of diet and pace, missing the close companionship of 5,000 others… it's the post-Cuboree blues! However, sometimes it might not be and you may have picked up something at the event that makes you unwell. We would like to know in case others are also feeling unwell and it builds a picture for us and authorities. It's the same as we do if you are feeling unwell at the event.

Sickness during the event
Oh dear - this doesn't sound good. Your first check in is with your Unit Health Leader or Sub Camp Team. They run a first aid base on site that handles cuts, bruises, major first aid issues and general sickness. They will know who to call to get you the best care. We have an emergency ambulance based on site and access to a GP and nurse. We are also about 25 minutes from Campbelltown Hospital if anyone needs anything more. It is important that everyone reports that they are feeling unwell - particularly if they have an upset stomach, diarrhoea. vomiting or rashes. Sometimes an isolated incident may be part of a bigger picture if others are also feeling unwell.

Managing your medical conditions
If you have a pre-existing medical condition that requires treatment such as medication, medical aids or daily treatment, you should record this on your registration record. If you require assistance to manage this routine (e.g. you are a Cub that needs to take a tablet daily), then you need to let us know so we can support you in managing this. We strongly recommend that medications are handed into your Unit Co-ordinator or Unit Leaders when boarding your Coach to prevent the risk of other children finding them and taking them at the camp.

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