What Do I Wear

Day times at Cuboree
You will be doing a range of outdoor activities. It is important you are comfortable, but also sun-smart and happy to get messy - real messy! At least one set of clothes probably won't be worth taking home, including shoes, so keep those smelly old runners that don't quite fit! For some activities, you will need swimmers. Check out the kit list for more details.

Evening time at Cuboree
It can get a bit cold once the sun goes down, so make sure you have some warmer clothes to wear. If it rains… well it could be cold enough for a beanie.

Night time at Cuboree
Really important both for hygiene purposes and also to keep you warm, that you change clothes for bed. A sweaty body draws heat away from you whilst you are tucked up in your sleeping bag and can make you much colder. You may also need to get up during the night and it's a walk to the toilets. So if you don't fancy pyjamas, then trackie pants and a sweat top are ideal.

Travel to Cuboree
Your Cuboree Unit will let you know what you should wear to travel. It shouldn't be Cub Uniform, but its often good to travel in a Unit uniform so you can easily be spotted if you stop for lunch or when you arrive.

Travel home from Cuboree
I think by the end of the event, your choices might be limited to whatever is left in your bag, so we will leave it to your Cuboree Unit to decide.

Opening Ceremony
Everyone will wear UNIFORM SHIRT AND HOME GROUP SCARF for opening ceremony. This shows that we all come from different places but belong to one big family.

Closing Ceremony
Everyone will wear CUBOREE UNIFORM - CUBOREE SHIRT AND HAT for closing ceremony, with your Home Group scarf if you like. This shows that we all return home as one family from one event.

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