Using Active Kids Vouchers

Details of the how the second voucher for the NSW Active Kids can be redeemed with Scouts NSW have been released:

The scheme supports youth members participating in a program of activities and the second voucher can be used towards fees, activities, events or camp. As a key part of the overall Cub, Scout and Venturer program, Cuboree 2020 is just such a camp! Families can opt to use their second voucher towards their Cuboree fee for any youth member. Note – the first voucher redeemed with Scouts NSW will always be used towards Scouts NSW fees regardless if it is the families first or second voucher.

Second vouchers redeemed with Scouts NSW are credited to the member’s local Group bank account. If a family wishes to use this voucher towards Cuboree, then they must arrange with their local Group treasurer to transfer the amount to the Cuboree bank account.

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