Other Cuborees

Most States in Australia have a Cuboree style event that vary in size and opportunity depending on the size of the State and number of participants they received.

Members of Scouts NSW are welcome to attend Cuborees in other States in addition to supporting the NSW Cuboree as a first priority. As this requires inter-State travel, then the Scouts NSW policies and approvals for travelling over the State border as a Scout would apply - you should speak to your Region Commissioner regarding this procedure.

In line with the policies of other States, it is expected that participation in an Inter-State Cuboree would be in addition to supporting the NSW Cuboree. Cubs that are not offered an opportunity to attend the NSW Cuboree will probably not be supported by the local Region in applying to travel Inter-State. The same approach would be applied to those applying for NSW Cuboree as Inter-State participants.

The ACT Cuboree is usually scheduled a week or too after our Cuboree - so in mid January 2020. It is usually held at Camp Cottermouth in the ACT.

The Queensland Cuboree is held every second year usually in October. The next Queensland Cuboree will be in October 2020.

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