How Will It Be Cooked

Cub Scouts and Line Leaders
Your food is supplied via a Quartermasters Store (Q-Store) located on your sub camp. You will need to collect the food daily. Your Cuboree Unit will supply cooking equipment and a dining facility for the Unit on your Unit site. The meals will be prepared and served by your own team of adults - and maybe the Cubs can help out occasionally? You will eat together as a Unit and wash your dishes afterwards.

You will be supplied with a cooked breakfast, simple lunch and full evening meal as well as a morning tea, afternoon tea and supper. You will need to provide a mess kit (plate, bowl, cutlery, mug and tea-towels) unless your Cuboree Unit advise you they have a central supply.

Service Leaders and Junior Service Leaders
Your food is being fully catered by an external catering company. They will set up on Site 8 kitchen and provide meals via a servery. There will be a common dining facility and common dish washing facilities - you need to bring your mess kit (plate, bowl, cutlery, mug and tea-towels). On at least one night of the event, you will be treated to a special thank-you meal.

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