Can I Bring And Consume Alcohol

I am hoping you are one of our adults…?!

No, all Scouting events where youth members are present are alcohol free. Cuboree 2020 is not of sufficient length to operate a Leader's Bar or similar facility - but we are sure you can go for a few days without needing a drink?

Youth members will be on site (Junior Service Leaders) from 1st January to 9th January - therefore it is not acceptable to bring or consume alcohol on any part of the site during those times.

The nearest licenced premises is the Appin Pub - about 10 minutes drive from site. During the main event, access out of and back into the site is controlled and restricted. During the set up and break down of the event, adults are free to come and go as they please. However, you are reminded that you still have a duty of care to our youth and your colleagues. Anyone considered intoxicated will be refused entry to the site.

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